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Cameron and His Dinosaurs

Can a young boy and his prehistoric pal’s save us all from an army of robotic beasts?
Cameron and His Dinosaurs cover

Mad scientist Professor Poindexter P. Poppycock has broken every law of nature by bringing four extinct dinosaurs to life for a terror group name B.U.R.P.S. that wants to rule the world! But when the dinosaurs revolt…it’s Cameron‘s good fortune to befriend the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pterodactyl, Brontosaurus and Triceratops.

Cameron and His Dinosaurs pg 8
Cameron and His Dinosaurs pg 38

Soon… Cameron and the dinosaurs are honest to goodness friends. Everything looks great…until B.U.R.P.S. orders Professor Poppycock to build new dinosaurs. Meaner ones, robot dinosaurs! With the robot dinosaurs under their control…B.U.R.P.S. plans on taking over the world and now it’s up to Cameron and his dinosaurs to help out.

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